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Weight gain after quiting effexor

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It appears you have not yet Signed Up with our community. To Sign Up for free, please click here Ask our community of thousands of members your health questions, and learn from others experiences. There was a problem adding your email Try again. Do not copy or redistribute in any form! Subscribe To Thyroid Disorders. Does anyone know if it is safe to use l tyrosine when hypothyroid? Then I read where hypothyroidism can cause neuropathy so was thinking that was the culprit.

My bottle didnt say anything like that. I still dont smoke. I have taken it all of this time too. I once read some ladies on this weight gain after quiting effexor board, or anothersaying that it is fine to take, but if it makes you start feeling angry or aggressive, to stop taking it. I could be a bear. SBC--How are you doing with the neuropathy?

I also had that, really bad too. Pins and needles, severenumbness in various parts of my body Well, not really right away, it took a few months. I guess it just took some time for my body to heal, It seemed to take quite a while for me as well I do notice when I exercise, it improves, and she notices the same. Hypothyroid DOES slow down our circulation. I would get numbness in some weird places too.

I just needed to get on meds and get my levels optimized. Taking T-3 helped a lot too, in addition to my T-4 med. Are you still working up to getting your levels optimized? If your levels are optimal, has it not been that long, and you possibly still are going through the healing period? Congrtulations to both you and cookie for quitting smoking I gave it up too right after my hypothyroid discovery, so over 3. I know the desperation feeling of wanting to have some normalcy back in your life.

What was your reason for trying L-tyrosine? And how did you come to the mg amount? Tomorrow will be 1 year for quitting smoking I am so grouchy, depressed yet anxious.

Thought the anxiety only came with Hyper? He upped it from mg to mg but I think that was too much so I dropped it down to mg. Go for blood work in another couple of weeks so will see. Having this neuropathy all over my body is just about driving me crazy and makes the days seem endless. I will hold out hope after reading your message Deda Interesting about the L-tyrosine.

Long story short, she told me to take St, weight gain after quiting effexor. He had just gotten back from a seminar on the West coast so wants his thyroid patients to try it. Anyway, sorry for rambling ladies. Nice talking to you, weight gain after quiting effexor. Keep in touch Shelley. Why did I start the L-Tyrosine?? I was so sick, sick as a dog I really did, [at times], and I was so desparate to get well, to regain my health, weight gain after quiting effexor feel even just a little relief, I guess you could say that I was willing to try just about anything!

So I thought, what the heck, I do take a lot of vitamins, Shelley, but I research everything thoroughly before I do so. Are you taking Omega 3 Fish Oil? Also, do you take B vitamins? So those are a few that I take among others I also drink a couple of whey protein shakes daily I just quit taking that one a few months ago.

I eat nothing but healthy, good food now, and have been at least 2. My diet continued to improve as I learned more and more about eating healthy.

I never really ate breakfast all of those years that I smoked, weight gain after quiting effexor. But I was determined never to go back to it, no matter what. Shelley, I really feel for you with that darn neuropathy. I really was beginning to think that was the case with me, as it carried on for so long.

I would cry sometimes as I would be so upset, thinking "how can I live feeling this way the rest of my life? I remember Shelley, I came home from work one day and felt this strange numb feeling right below weight gain after quiting effexor left breast I remember the first day I felt that, and put my hand over it and thought, "What the hell is this??

One thing that I think really helped me the most was getting on Cytomel, T-3 along with my T-4 med, Levothroid. I was just looking at my old thyroid lab results today [at the Kasier website], and saw that my lab results were just so perfect looking last March, yet I still felt unwell.

My Free T4 level was 1. So I requested the Cytomel, and slowly I started to feel better. It took about 6 to 8 months to get the full effect from that I did happen to know that one, as I had thought of taking that before too, for my depressive state I was in I take Wellbutrin instead I remember having pins and needles in my chest! Over a large portion of it too Hang in there, Shelley I really believe you will. Please make sure they test all of your levels, and make sure you get that Free T3 tested too, okay?

Will they do that for you over there? If your Free T 3 levels are low, you may need some T-3 med like I did too, weight gain after quiting effexor. But if not, it may and probably will take some time for you to heal. Try to get some daily exercise, weight gain after quiting effexor, if you feel well enough to increase your circulation, to get blood flow weight gain after quiting effexor your nerve endings Do you ever have any burning skin, Shelley?

I had that one too. Glad you quit the smokes too, you and Cookie. Sure are a lot of people with thyroid disease on the smoking boards. Sorry this is so long Thanks for the reply. I weight gain after quiting effexor enjoyed reading it I appreciate you sharing your experiences with me, weight gain after quiting effexor.

The past year I have been eating so poorly and gained probably 60 lbs. Was eating very healthily for about a year and a weight gain after quiting effexor. Seems like with the quitting smoking and replacing it with chocolate and chips, then all this thyroid madness, the only comfort I could find was in food My last visit to the Dr.

I asked him to Please order a Free T3 I had inquired earlier at the lab if they did the test here and they said it had to be sent away to Calgary hours from here.

In any case, these were my test results from Jan. Think I mentioned I convinced him to increase Synthroid anyway am on mg now and go for my blood work next week; so, am curious to see where things sit. Am curious to see what the Neurologist has to say next Tuesday This has been a very stressful year to say the weight gain after quiting effexor. In December we adopted a month old Belgian Shepherd from the SPCA and it turns out he has OCD Osteochondritis Dessicans which is when a piece of cartilage has broken off from weight gain after quiting effexor shoulder and is floating around irritating the joing Is going to need surgery Will cancer genetic tests financial aid in touch.

My legs hurt to touch in the calf area most of the time.


Weight gain after quiting effexor