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Looking for a suggestion on which magnesium to take for peripheral neuropathy. I still take the mag malate. There are so many Except lost a lot of money.

My doctor suggest mg of Magnesium Oxide and Calcium to prevent leg cramps -diarrhea can be a result of the magnesium. Magnesium glycinate will not cause diarrhea. Also it is easier for the body to absorb, vitamin b50 complex side affects. Buy magnesium oil in the gel vitamin b50 complex side affects and rub it on your feet and legs. Magnesium is absorbed well transdermally and no loose bowels. You can also buy it as a spray but I find that I like the gel better.

I have always used generic Vicks Vapo Rub for muscle cramps. It has never failed to work for me and it is an inexpensive remedy which works immediately. Take Magnesium orotate and calcium orotate.

Also foods high in magnesium and calcium - leafy greens also organic cocao. Your diet should be as organic as possible with lots of vegs and fruits though it will still take some time for pioneer aircraft plans body to correct itself. I have had lots of success taking a calcium-magnesium supplement for leg cramps. It never failed to work for me.

I have had peripheral neuropathy for years. I have discovered several things along my journey. The absolute best supplement but not a cure for me has been transdermal magnesium oil or gel. The reason to use the magnesium transdermally is that you can get more absorbed directly into your system without the possible side effect of diarrhea which vitamin b50 complex side affects occur with oral dosages.

I have tried many brands, but Ancient Minerals is hands-down, the best. It is made from condensed sea water. Since it can sting a little if you have sensitive skin, I just rub it on my feet twice a day and then put on socks, vitamin b50 complex side affects.

You should not use the magnesium if you have kidney problems or low blood pressure. If you do end up trying this, you may want to give it several weeks to a month before determining if it is helping you. Supposedly once magnesium is depleted, it is notoriously difficult to replete.

I have also discovered, that the main reason that I am so magnesium deficient is because my body is too acidic. Most people myself included consume a Western diet that consists of a of processed foods, meat, dairy, etc. If your problems persist, you may want to try an alkaline diet. Hope some of these suggestions help. I know how miserable it can be to experience these symptoms! Hi, I suffer from extreme neropathy pain in both feet. Best wishes to anyone with this disease, vitamin b50 complex side affects.

I have hepatitis c and peripheral neuropathy Rite aid prenatal vitamins neuropathy is very painful with many different types of pain.

I have tried everything- believe me My doctor said I should try fentanyl patches. Does anybody have any experience in this? Extensive list of side effects found here: Does anyone have any first hand experience with Keppra, vitamin b50 complex side affects, a medication used for epilepsy?

I have tried tumeric 3 heaping teaspoons a day and nothing My dr and my pharmacist both said this will not bother my liver I also have neuropathy in my arsm and torso with someimes stabbing pains in my chest or sides The last 3 weeks I have gotten about 3 hours sleep each night Karen, I had the horrible pain that you speak of and mine was vitamin b50 complex side affects B12 deficiency. The pills and shots did not work for me But the b12 patches worked. I had to vitamin b50 complex side affects adjustments until I found the amount that worked.

One was not near enough but now I have lowered my dose and have rid myself of the pain. When I feel the numbness come back I increase my patches. What do you vitamin b50 complex side affects by "One was not near enough. And what sttrength patches did you use?

Thank you for the response. The amount of B12 patches that I use are mcg. I had to start off using several a day at first. At one time I was using 3 or more a day Just depends on the day. I guess my stores of B12 built up and I was able to reduce the amount after a while. The pain in my hands would wake me up out of my sleep in the wee hours of the morning. I had almost no energy, and I thought it was from sleep deprivation, but now I know that it was the low B12 in my body.

Are the B patches something a Dr prescribes or something you can get over the internet? Thank you again for the quick response. Karen, Google "Vitamin B12 Patches" and there will be a lot of internet sites that vitamin b50 complex side affects them.

I get the ones that are offered by a Dr. I am praying that this helps you because I know how painful and hopeless you can feel with that pain and nothing seems to work. I will buy the patches before I buy food Investigating the benefits of the amino acid Serine, says that myelin is comprised of much Serine.

Serine is a non-essential amino synthesized from the essential amino Glycine in the human body. Tinydancer, vitamin b50 complex side affects, Is it at all possible to give me the brand name of the patches gabapentin side affects use?

I know people have posted brand names sometimes. I think they would be OK with it. But do keep in contact. I would eat rocks to get rid of my cramps. I do not have a life for the last 2 years. Vitamin b50 complex side affects you for reading. Is that your brand? Also did you find your B deficiency by experimenting or did a dr tell you that you were deficient?

My Dr says I have too much B-6 and B By the time that I went to the doctor I had already been to a hand therapist and had vitamin b50 complex side affects B12 in pill form and did not have any results. I even got B12 shots that cost me I had purchased the book "Could it be B12" and I vitamin b50 complex side affects all the key things in my life that could cause a body to be low in B I had my doctor check my B12 and the at t agent commission plan came back that my B12 was high and not deficient, but I had already supplemented with the pills.

From what I have read is that the blood can show that the B12 range is normal vitamin b50 complex side affects there is deficiency in the cells. I happen to see a webinar for B12 patches and I ordered some that day. The pain was so intense and I could feel the tingling starting in my feet. I found that this worked for me and I hope it helps you. Do you eat enough foods that have magnesium or should you supplement?

I told my GP, as my b12 was aetna private fee for service plans, that it does not always get into cells and he agreed and said MSM can help unlock the cell doors to let nutrients in and toxins out. I will order B patches today from Dr.

Mag malate, chloride, citrate, glycinate and still have horrendous cramps Thanks for telling me about your test results with B My dr said the same hing. I was "high and do not have a problem with low B" I will let you know how I make out I wake up every morning screaming in pain with multiple cramps all over my calves from a dead sleep ay 5: My neuropathy is creepin up my thighs and I occasionally have cramps in my leg biceps I have poly neuropathy Which means I have it in my arms as well


Vitamin b50 complex side affects