Pregnant after Plan B? Anyone?

What is Plan B One-Step?

Pregnancy after plan b

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Well a couple weeks later I got a positive test and my ex still brings up the fact that he thinks I lied and never took it.

Yes my ex, we planned the first baby and right after I got pg our relationship ended after 8 years. Not me but a friend of mine. She took plan B and it never worked. She delivered a healthy baby girl, pregnancy after plan b.

Yes I pregnancy after plan b the pill 8 years ago n it failed: Plan B is a higher concentrated birth control pill. It does not work for plenty of people. I probably was inseminated before the pill had a chance to stop it from happening. I feel so blessed. It is advanced colorectal cancer treatment options that you still have the hormones in your system from the miscarriage and that is why it is positive.

Did u ever get a negative test after the MC? Yep, my husband and I had unprotected sex, I took plan B the following day and am now 13 weeks along, pregnancy after plan b. Sounds like your ex is trying to skirt his responsibility. Hope everything works out for you. What to Expect General Message Board. Oldest Newest 19 Posts. How easy is it to get pregnant in your forties? L pregnant after plan b? Created by LionessJackie Last post 2 years ago. L anyone else pregnant after taking pregnancy after plan b b?

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Pregnancy after plan b