Sexual Dysfunction in Patients with Alcohol and Opioid Dependence

Naltrexone Therapy for Alcohol FAQs

Alcohol & Substance Abuse : Does Alcohol Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Naltrexone for alcohol induced impotence

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Does Naltrexone cause Sexual Dysfunction? Last Update September 23, Sexual Dysfunction is concern in Naltrexone discussions.

Naltrexone is prescribed for Alcoholism and is mostly mentioned together with this indication. Discussions around the web. We found 40 discussions. At least for me it appears buprenorphine is the problem moreso than naltrexone.

My headaches disappeared once I started split dosing. Also the sexual side-effects seem more manageable with split dosing. As for the side-effects remaining post-Sub, give yourself some time. My opinion of naltrexone as a potential treatment for depression is that its very potent mu opioid antagonism may be an issue. It is a kappa antagonist as well, albeit less potent. A selective kappa antagonist would be more interesting as an antidepressant.

Mu agonists, such as morphine and hydrocodone frequently produce short-lived but often marked mood elevation followed by tolerance and dependence, naltrexone for alcohol induced impotence. The potential for problems read more Chronic use of mu agonists also disrupts the endocrine system, causing sexual dysfunction. Dependence on opioids may result in a state where the ability to experience pleasure naturally is reduced. Mu antagonists such as naltrexone can sometimes feel subjectively unpleasant.

I would be concerned about the potential for any potent mu antagonist to block the effects of natural endorphins in the body. This could, theoretically at least, aggravate anhedonia. Really, it would probably be best to avoid hitting the mu receptor when treating depression. At what precise dose did you start and how did titrate upwards? I tend to be sensitive to many medications and so I was cautious when beginning Naltrexone.

I chopped a 50mg tablet into 7 pieces and took the smallest fragment first, and so on. So on the eighth day I was at I believe that it was about read more And by the way, no sexual side effects of any kind?

I tend to have a reduction of sexual desire on most of the SSRIs. Do you take anything to get a good nights sleep? Thanks for all your posts.

Looking forward to your response. I believe that it was about naltrexone for alcohol induced impotence weeks before I really noticed read more Do you get such symptoms? Would it be easy for you to quit the wine? If not, perhaps it may have already affected the addiction center in your brain, however, you can look into Naltrexone to help you with this. Then added Wellbutrin XL mgs, which does nothing really, but helps mitigate the sexual side effects of Lexapro.

It has been working very well, though I have been having a string of bad days, so I am afraid it is pooping out on me. My doc says I might be an extensive metabolizer.

My liver seems to find a way read more Have read all your posts. Can you take on a few more questions? If you had apathy previously, did Naltrexone overcome that? If you had any sexual side-effectsnaltrexone for alcohol induced impotence, did it help with that?

Does it allow a lower dose of your antidepressant? There seems to be a connection with its success being related to a synergy with SSRIs. Links discussed Clomipramine and Prozac being best. Sorry for so many questions, but you seem to be da man for Naltrexone.

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Naltrexone for alcohol induced impotence