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How does eatting sweet affect cancer

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Michael - 1 - My how does eatting sweet affect cancer farts so loud, it is ridiculous, and I told her it was the bars Kim Taylor - king air flight plan to australia. Or at best a warning So it all began when my mom informed me that she bought some bars for me to take to school Ive never farted so much in my life.

My boyfriend was just over and I had to keep leaving the room so how does eatting sweet affect cancer I could let one rip. The bad thing is that they linger Anyways, I plan on offering these bars to friends and see if they say anything. Id love to stay and chat but I have to go find a cork to stick up my ass.

I suspected something was wrong when my Canary died. At least I knew it was time to leave the room. Gary Edmister - 1. However, I offer a suggestion that caution should be taken when used around open flame, plants, animals or others who might not want to share your discovery.

As a teenager I remember releasing gas that wilted house plants. I was so proud when even the dog left the room. I bought a box of Fiber One bars while my wife and kids were out of town and while I was polishing off three of them, the beagle puppy ate one off the paper plate while I was flipping through the channels. Since nobody was home, I planned to sleep downstairs with how does eatting sweet affect cancer puppy and our older dog.

Then again within two minutes. It was funny for a while and then it got annoying. They started coming every minute and loud and long! I felt sorry for her and went over to pet her and while over there giving her a dose of my own farts, the puppy shit right on the dog bed and slid across the carpet wiping her butt. When I yelled at her, she just looked at me and farted, how does eatting sweet affect cancer.

Long night to say the least. It all started last week when I forgot my lunch and ending up buying a box of Fiber One Lemon Squares.

These little babies are deceptively delicious and rather small-so before I knew if the entire box of 5 or 6 was gone. The fun started about 2 hours later and when it was time to head home I had to make some calculations: Being someone who enjoys a challenge I called my husband from about 10 minutes out and asked healthy advantage plans to unlock and open the doors for when I arrived.

He was like, how does eatting sweet affect cancer, "Why? He is forever thinking I am buying too much stuff. I told him "No, I will explain later". Also told him to clear a path to the bathroom-and to stay out of my way. So, I arrived home and again I had to calculate-do I take large strides and get tot he bathroom quicker-up two flights of stairs and run the risk of crapping myself? Or do I take baby steps, with ass cheeks squeezed tightly together to keep from said sad outcome pun very much intended?

Alas, I invited that the latter would be my best option. As I scooted up the steps and along the sidewalk I was sadly reminded of a Japanese game show that featured contestants charged with holding a banana between their butt cheeks and racing around a small track. Hysterical, by the way, if you have the opportunity to how does eatting sweet affect cancer up on You Tube. You ever try to navigate steps clinching a banana between your buttocks?

I had to "crab" up sideways two flights of steps I spent the entire evening running into the bathroom. My poor husband, gentleman that his is, slept on the couch. My bottom was so sore and raw - subsequent applications of Preparation H were so painful that I almost fainted.

Moose Moon - 2 - Fart-a-licious - 3 - Ahhhh, too much of a good thing Deadly Lashes - 3. I too have been in complete tears and a stomach ache reading this page. I have two bulldogs who are notorious for passing some serious gas. But since my husband and I have started eating these Fiber One Bars, it sounds like the trombone section in a high school band!

It has reached ursodiol side affects level that is even louder and more stinky than our bulldogs! They fall out at any how does eatting sweet affect cancer moment. Do you know how hard it is to squeeze your ass cheeks when you are working closely with people in order not to fart??!!

We have sat across from each other my husband and I and actually had in depth conversations on how bad the gas is and how we wish the farting would just stop! These bars are so tasty-we even tried the caramel and oat ones. We are throwing them out-if they are here I will only continue to eat and continue to burn holes in my couch.

Bought a large box of these from Costco. They were so delicious I ate two. Then the rampage started. Unbelievable explosions every few minutes all night long. I was wreathing in pain and moaning so loud, it scared my daughter enough to actually call Police and paramedics showed up at 4: So yes, these are meant as gag gifts!!!! Fiber will make you fart because your body is not used to that much of it, try eating whole grains for a few months, the gas will stop because you will become used to the fiber in your diet.

Tk Admin - 5 - Listen dude, how does eatting sweet affect cancer, it is NOT the fiber. The dietary fiber while at 9g is not nearly as much fiber as an average person has in a day. I could fast for 10 days straight; eat one Fiber One bar, and fart for hours.

One could eat two gallons of Spaghetti, Two cups of Lentils, a gallon of Peas, a sack of Blueberries, a cart full of Bran flakes, a truck load of Oatmeal, two loaves of Rye bread, a alkaline water arthritis of Artichokes, how does eatting sweet affect cancer, and a barrel of oil full of corn and Turnip greens and not have as much gas as I do after one of these. There is something evil about them.

They how does eatting sweet affect cancer defy all logic and all knowledge of nutritional information when it comes to fiber and farts. Oh my son had some and I ate one. I have been blowing a gasket for hours and cramping.

These post are so funny and true I have been laughing foo hard crying tear. Blow me out of the room - 6 - As I sit here with tears of laughter rolling down my face, at the storys you guys have wrote, how does eatting sweet affect cancer. I am glad to see it is not just me. Ever since I have stared eating the Fiber One Bars I have never farted so much or so loud, how does eatting sweet affect cancer, not to forget the smell, in my life.

And yes it is hard to hold the farts in when your in public or at work I just pray so hard that One does not slip out at work when I have customers in my office. Damm them bars they have to taste so good. Michelle - 7 - OMG I am crying, I am laughing so hard.

I bought these last week and I loved them, I ate 3 the first day and had the worst gas of my life. I figured maybe it was the bars?

So here I come and see I am not alone, I cant stop laughing!!! James - 8 - What did I do without you? Before Google, I would have figured there was just something wrong with me. But after typing in "fiber one farts", I realize that I am not alone in this, how does eatting sweet affect cancer. I type this as I sit in my own cloud of stench.

The smell is like a combination of rotten eggs and despair. I had one at work today and had to keep getting up and walking to the bathroom.

I can see the look of the guy who walked into that five minutes later by the way, how does eatting sweet affect cancer, did I mention that these things linger for what seems like days. Jade - 9 - I bought the box of caramel bars.

The first one I tried was soooo how does eatting sweet affect cancer and I had nothing else to eat I just thought it was like an oatmeal bar, you know? Nothing wrong with downing the whole box.

Roberto - 11 -


How does eatting sweet affect cancer