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Clomid after miscarriage

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I am getting ready to start my first round of Clomid and I have read lots of stuff on the internet and discussion boards about women who took it and miscarried. Has anyone had any experience with this or have any advise? Any advise about Clomid would be helpful since I am new to it. Well, clomid never did help me to ovulate. But my "miracle" drug was Femara. I got pregnant right away after switching to Femara and have an active almost 2 yr old now!

I hope this gives hope. My husband and I tried to conceive unsuccessfully for about 10 months. She then prescribed Chlomid, clomid after miscarriage.

I was shocked when my period was late it is never late the first month. I took 2 pregnancy tests that were both positive! I went immediately to my doctor for blood work that confirmed my pregnancy and went 2 more times every other day to confirm that my HCG levels were progressing normally. Everything looked good, and I was scheduled for my first ultrasound today July 7th. But, last Saturday about 9 weeks pregnantI began having extreme cramping and bleeding. My OB sent me to the ER, where after exam and ultrasound, my fears of miscarriage were confirmed.

Clomid after miscarriage, I think these things just happen. I plan on starting back on the Chlomid next month and trying one more time. If you are having trouble conceiving, I still think you should try using Chlomid. Chlomid, or no Chlomid. You may only want to tell the people you are closest to, maybe even just keep it between your husband and yourself.

I wish you the best of luck and blessings. I really think my situation is an exception. Hopefully, everything will go off without a hitch for you! I finally went to a fertility specialist, instead of my regular OB, clomid after miscarriage, and she increased he dosage to mg. With the help of this increased dosage and 2 IUIs later I was pregnant. I carried clomid after miscarriage daughter full term with no difficulties.

I hope this helps. I was nervous too about the miscarriages. I am just hoping for a positive pregnancy test this month! I wish you the best of luck! The three months I did try it though, I threw up just 30 minutes after taking it every single time. It has a different effect on everybody, you may not have that reaction, but I know I did! After trying to get pregnant for 18 months inI took one round of Clomid and got pregnant with twins!

I am happy viagra advertising report that I had no side effects from the Clomid rheumatoid arthritis and airplane had a very successful twin pregnancy, delivering two full term twin boys, clomid after miscarriage.

I have not taken clomid myself, but a coworker did, and found out she was pregnant with triplets after her first round! I conceived my first son by clomid and IUI. He was my first pregnancy and it was successful. I am currently pregnant again. We did use clomid for this pregnancy. There are some side effects but different people experience diffeent things, clomid after miscarriage.

With my first, I had double vision at night. This time, I only used clomid after miscarriage for 1 cycle and I had no side effects. It can make you moody, clomid after miscarriage, gain weight, gie you headahes, etc, clomid after miscarriage. There are always risks to anything you take But to me personally, clomid after miscarriage, anything worth having is worth the risk. I took clomid for a few months in and became pregnant, clomid after miscarriage. I found out January 30th I had a miscarriage on March 8th, The doctors put me back on clomid after a couple month break after the miscarriage.

I took one dose and got pregnant again. Clomid after miscarriage time it was successful and I delivered a full term one week late even healthy boy on March 6, I did not experience any side effects of the drug. Just take your time and be patient. It will all clomid after miscarriage out in the end. Hey I took clomid in December and am now 8 weeks pregnant. It worked really well for me. The only small side effect I had was that my sex drive increased.

I took clomid for about a 6 month span of time when I was about Unfortunetly,it did not work clomid after miscarriage me. However,I had a very close friend that took clomid for only a month before becoming pregnant with identicle twin boys. She carried the babies to 35 weeks about which a normal twin gestation. They were born healthy and are now VERY vibrant healthy 6 year olds. Neither myself or my friend had any ill side effects, clomid after miscarriage. All I can really tell you is to be patient.

I was not able to get pregnant at that time. I am a firm believer in the fact that it will happen when it is meant to happen. I hope that things work out very well for you. Add a Question Ask Login Toggle navigation. Alcohol hormones local questions Questions Helpful? Report This Comments optional Report.

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Clomid after miscarriage