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It can be hard to step out of the box of orthodox, conventional, mainstream, allopathic Western Medicine, especially albuterol regular adult dose faced with a serious illness like cancer. However, the prospect of facing surgery, radiation articles for cancer after 2007 chemo, each with its own set of toxic and even lethal side effects, is not appealing.

It uses radio frequencies to kill germs. There is always a frequency at which a germ will vibrate until its structure is destroyed, just as the tenormin advanced guestbook 2.3.3 singer can shatter a wine glass with her voice. Most bacteria, viruses and other pathogens have very weak outer cell walls; when the right frequency is aimed at them, they dissolve.

In this way, it is far superior to chemotherapy which is an indiscriminate killer. I am still amazed by the fact that the solutions to cancer are to be found in Nature right in front of our noses, articles for cancer after 2007, if we just care to broaden our perspective. In fact there are many foods including vitamin B12 that contain cyanide, but they are safe since the cyanide remains locked up as part of another molecule.

By binding the cyanide to sulfuric rhodanese, it is converted to a cyanate, which is a neutral substance. Recall that cancer cells do not gain energy aerobically through oxygen but rather anaerobically by fermenting sugar ; in fact, cancer cells consume around 15 times more sugar than normal healthy pearson international airport floor plans. This means they steal the energy from the food you eat, but you can use this fact against them.

Cancer cells are way more attracted to sugar molecules, so when you pair a cancer-killing molecule with the sugar molecule, the cancer cell will consume both and end up dying. Baking soda sodium bicarbonate or NaHCO3 has been used in a variety of ways to heal cancer. As mentioned in part 1the Italian medic Dr. Tullio Simoncini believes cancer is a fungus and has had great success in treating patients with IV intravenous baking soda.

Since cancer cells consume 15 times more sugar than normal cells, they are attracted to and gobble up the maple syrup, which is bound to the baking soda. Then the baking soda a very alkaline substance forces a rapid shift in the pH of the cancer cells, killing them.

As discussed in part 1one of the hallmarks of cancer is that the cancer cells have overridden the command to commit suicide apoptosis. DCA corrects this by turning on the mitochondria of cancerous cells, which directs them to commit apoptosis.

It is non-toxic, odorless and colorless. It only affects cancerous cells and leaves healthy cells intact. Energy ATP Production add iodine, perform hyperalimentation [best nutrition in largest possible quantity]. There are no animal products, no alcohol, no caffeine, no salt, no white sugar a little honey is OKno grains except a little ryeno legumes, no advanced untreated diabetes, no pineapple and no mushrooms allowed.

The tumors do not grow on the sugar in the vegetable juice, because the enzymes keep them in check. They discovered that cancer tumors grow on sodium, articles for cancer after 2007, animal protein and fat the one exception is flax oil which is the only oil that does not grow tumors but helps supply patients with essential fatty acids.

Sodium resides outside of the cell saltwaterwhereas potassium is inside of cell freshwater. Just as there is a big lack of potassium and overuse of sodium in modern diets, there is likewise a lack of magnesium and overuse of calcium. The Gerson approach is very scientific in deliberately increasing the potassium and magnesium levels of its patients to starve the cancer of fuel. The results have been very impressive. Another German doctor Dr. Johanna Budwig came up with a clever cancer cure based on combining 2 relatively common foods.

Inshe found that the blood of seriously ill cancer patients was deficient in some essential substances e. She discovered a way to easily replace these substances using just 2 common foods, flax oil and cottage cheese. When mixed together, amazing results can be achieved, such as the disappearance of anemia and weakness, and the healing of diabetes and cancer. The Budwig Diet works because it recognizes that the human body is electric, and that we acquire cancer articles for cancer after 2007 we let our inner voltage get too low:.

They have a nucleus in the center of the cell which is positively charged, articles for cancer after 2007, and the cell membrane, which is the outer lining of the cell, is negatively charged when unsaturated fats have been chemically treated, their unsaturated qualities are destroyed and the field of electrons removed.

This commercial processing of fats destroys the field of electrons that the cell membranes trillion cells in our bodies must have to fire properly i. This can be reversed by providing flax oil and cottage cheese which together revive the stagnated growth process.

This naturally causes any tumors present to dissolve. Harry Hoxsey reportedly had a flamboyant personality, and he was certainly not the first nor the last natural cancer healer to go up against the Big Pharma-Western Medicine establishment, including the AMA and its guard-dog the FDA.

Hoxsey cured many people of cancer with a concotion based on roots and bark that had worked for his family of veteranians to cure their horses of cancer. Ty Bollinger articles for cancer after 2007 that the Hoxsey formula contained:.

His tonics were meant to help create homeostasis internal stabilitykill cancer cells, and remove the toxins articles for cancer after 2007 from killing cancer cells. This perspective is in line with almost all natural cancer treatments and practitioners.

Interestingly, both Hoxsey and Dr. Gerson emphasized the importance of iodine in their natural cancer protocols. Former Canadian cancer nurse Rene Caisse successfully treated the terminally ill for over 50 years with her remarkable plant-based formula.

It removes toxic accumulation in the lymphs, bone marrow, bladder and alimentary canal, clears the respiratory channel, purifies the blood, protects the body against radiation, relieves pain, increases appetite and boosts energy levels as well as curing cancer. Essiac Tea is a long-proven method of curing cancer. It dates back to the s and earlier. There are several brands on the market, however what is most important are the quality and freshness of the herbs and how well articles for cancer after 2007 are processed so as to keep their nutrients intactnot the exact secret recipe articles for cancer after 2007 secret formula with certain proportions.

The ICRF rates the Essiac Tea treatment as only being effective on newly diagnosed cancer patients who do not have fast-growing cancer. There are also certain fruits which have been known to articles for cancer after 2007 cancer, including graviola also known as soursop and paw paw:, articles for cancer after 2007. Paw Paw is the more potent of the two because of its more sophisticated and larger molecular structures.

These fruits work by decreasing or eliminating the production of ATP the main energy fuel of a cell. This articles for cancer after 2007 turn lowers the voltage of the cell. However, with cancer cells, due to the fact they create energy by fermentation, ATP is far more critical.

When the ATP level of the cancer cell falls to a critical level, the cell falls apart. These Central and South American fruits kill cancer in a different way to other protocols, and thus should never be combined with them, articles for cancer after 2007.

IP6 is short for inositol hexaphosphate. Your body makes IP6 from inositol, and you can also intake it from grains, legumes and meat. In part 3 we continue to list more of the natural cancer cures that are abundant in our world. To get rid of Toxins. Excellent advise which I concur with. Cutting out sugar and carbohydrates is also very important. Once you take Copper the hair will turn back to original color.

Lauren as you see you can spend weeks on the site with so much information. You can call Tony and he will explain to you. He makes it and you can order from him to be shipped from USA or Canadabecause shipping is expensive to cross line, articles for cancer after 2007. You can also email him and he will tell you price and shipping if you give him your address at Call Canada- Email independz yahoo.

I have been ordering from him for years. Tony We also need to wake up and recognize we are being exterminated, and start working to help educate and inform others.

The good news is, Tony informs us, articles for cancer after 2007, the nanotechnology can be deactivated and detoxed through simple natural means. Fantastic article again, cannot wait for no: The Dark Cabal has shut it down for a long time. Thank you for this information. Those doctors produce the tea at an immensely inflated price in my opinion. The following day, reheat the water but do not boil Allow to settle, then strain out herbs there will be sediment in the bottom.

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