Sun Safe -Lotus Herbals SunBlock Reviews – SPF 40, SPF 60

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I think time is ripe that i do the review now, all about herbals. These are the ingredients. Light and gets absorbed quickly. If you stay at home most of the time, it might add some brightness to skin.

For office going girls, it might help retain the original texture of your skin, if all about herbals else. OMG…u have the supercoolest and most up to date emoticon collection ever….

I loovveee the scrub. I all about herbals this would have sold even without that skin whitening claim. Hi my name is Mrs Laxmirajan Dutta newly married i am 26 yr from shillong a hilly area. I have a very dry skin and have pigmentation mark and dark circle too and had tried many cosmestic but at last its fails it does not gave any good result.

If i apply cold cream my complexion become dark and if vanishing it become very dry so please do help me. I have the whole kit too yar… but havent used anything as yet. All products from this range are getting good reviews. If you had to recommend just one product, what would it be? All about herbals getting this Rati.

My skin is normal with oily t zone in summers. Plus chennai summers are pretty harsh so def use a sunscreen with spf 30 or more. Though I spend hardly 10 mins in sun for a day. Which cream would you prefer to use in the night as both the emulsion and gel cream has SPF.

Kaps I use the day cream all about herbals at night. Bt I was thinking the same that they should have included the night cream as well.

This range looks interesting, Rati, but I think I would give them a pass. This looks good rati…. BTW, i added them in facebook: Jomol scrub is actually really good. The granules in scrub are fantastic and they work great for removing dead skin. Shikha, yeah not all skin care suit every one na. I think you should stop using it. Scrub really is excellent. I stay in AC whole day.!! DM water is demineralised water …………….

Looks like a good product but not sure if this wud be suitable for oily skin. I think that would be possible only if you are in a, all about herbals. Will definately try the scrub from this range once i am done the neutrogena scrub that i recently purchased. I agree with you that they missed night cream in this range,hope they lauch it soon,for now my skin is thankful to Lotus Herbals day cream: Hey Rati, all about herbals, How you doing.

I live in the UK, all about herbals, in London. So is it possible if you can please let me know if I can purchase this product from here or not and if so, from where exactly can I purchase it. The thing is, the more I search on this product, the more I want it.

I bought the Lotus gel creme, mask, scrub and the cleansing foam today on my way home and have used the foam, the mask and the gel creme so all about herbals after I got home. I am really really hoping this works cos the products look good and promising.

Hi Rati, I too hv tried this cream, all about herbals. I hv dry all about herbals acne prone skin with pigmentation. Furthermore, all about herbals, I felt it gave me a few acnes on using it regularly over time. So I definitely wont buy it again. Though my sister really liked it since she has normal skin no acnes.

Though it has skin lightening agents as well. But I certainly wont recommend it to ppl with acne prone skin. Your email address will not be published.

DM is with water. I guess its distilled mineral water?: What all does it have??? This sounds good btw. Hi Rati, all about herbals, i too have all their products in this range.

I like their scrub and face wash more in the range. I think I should try the scrub from this range…. I saw i saw i saww w: Fa Exotic Garden 24h Roll-on All about herbals. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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I have quite oily skin


All about herbals