Canadian Cancer Society Lottery

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Alberta Cancer Foundation launches Cash and Cars Lottery

Alberta cancer lottery

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For over 20 years, Manitobans playing in the Canadian Cancer Alberta cancer lottery Cash Lottery have made a difference rite aid world prototype plans the fight against cancer. These are funds the Cancer Society would not have otherwise had. By participating in this lottery, you are taking a chance to win fabulous prizes while supporting the growing needs of Manitoba cancer patients.

Because you play the game, we are able to fuel the fight against ALL cancers in Manitoba. If you are looking to make the biggest impact in the cancer fight, please consider a direct donation to the Cancer Society ensuring more funds go directly alberta cancer lottery the cancer fight. To make your donation visit our donation page. Every ticket is re-entered for every draw. You can win again and again.

To make your donation please visit our donation page, alberta cancer lottery. A replacement ticket or refund will not be issued. Groups are encouraged to have an agreement respecting the sharing of prizes. The Canadian Cancer Society does not accept any responsibility to notify others listed on a ticket of any prize won.

A complete list of all winners will be provided upon request. Call or check cancer. Discover how you can help reduce the burden of cancer. Select the text below and copy the link.

Order a lottery ticket For over 20 years, Manitobans playing in the Canadian Cancer Society Cash Lottery have made a difference in the fight against cancer. Prizes 25 draws for tax-free cash! November 6, - cutoff purchase date for early bird draw at Failure of Canada Post or other services to deliver orders or tickets. Failure of a fax machine or other telephone device to accept an order, alberta cancer lottery. Failure of a credit card authorization to be completed, alberta cancer lottery.

June winners Past Winners: Stories Genetic risk of aggressive stomach cancer, alberta cancer lottery. Links to help you Our history Research accomplishments Research impact Volunteer profiles What you can do Daffodil Month Use your cancer experience to help others Contact us.

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Alberta cancer lottery

We need volunteers - October 13 - Esks vs. Join us this weekend and help make a difference in the lives of Albertans facing cancer. Помощь с возможностями доступа. Электронный адрес или номер телефона Пароль Забыли аккаунт? Every day, 53 Albertans hear the words "you have cancer. Contact Alberta Cancer Foundation on Messenger. Kids with Cancer Society Некоммерческая организация.