Work Comp in Alabama: The Vocational Rehabilitation Myth

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Alabama vocational rehabilitation plan

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Yet, it has evolved into something far different. Many injured employees and their families suffer as a result. And, Courts have limited its practical effect to the point it is rarely helpful to the worker. But, to give some background, this is how one Alabama judge defined the phrase —. True vocational rehabilitation would provide a great benefit to the worker, his or her family and the community. We all benefit when injured workers are rehabilitated back to productive, gainful work.

So, why is it not offered? The answer is cost. The insurance carrier wants to save immediate short-term costs even alabama vocational rehabilitation plan the rest of us pay higher long-term costs in lost productivity, alabama vocational rehabilitation plan.

The insurance alabama vocational rehabilitation plan knows it can avoid its short-term costs of rehabilitation while passing long-term costs to us. For vocational rehabilitation to be a valid option, physicians or vocational experts must believe it will help the actual worker in a specific way. But, the insurance carrier controls the choice of physician in Alabama. The carrier picks your authorized treating physician. The carrier still exercises true control by:. By using the ability to effectively control treatment, insurance carriers in Alabama have insured that only the minimally required level of care will be provided.

Yet, insurance carriers do use the statute for their own cost-saving benefit. The carriers often use the phrase vocational rehabilitation in an effort to avoid paying real disability benefits to injured workers. Here are a few examples:. Vocational rehabilitation could be a powerful tool to help workers suffering an injury. Vocational rehabilitation should be a valuable part of our system.

Yet, in practice it is usually not. The carrier still exercises true control by: Here are a few examples: The worst example concerns a case I tried in Birmingham alabama vocational rehabilitation plan years ago.

The worker suffered terrible head and shoulder injuries. In the three years after his injury he underwent four separate major surgeries. He was left unable to lift anything.

It was a nothing offer which we refused, alabama vocational rehabilitation plan. However, the defense lawyer convinced the Judge to postpone trial for several months while alabama vocational rehabilitation plan insurance carrier attempted to rehabilitate the worker before eventually paying real disability. No, it is not vocational rehabilitation. I represented a worker in Huntsville with severe orthopedic and internal organ injuries. His doctors agreed he was disabled.

Yet, a few months before trial, my office started receiving forms indicating job interviews had been scheduled and these employers would provide accommodations. I knew these were not real interviews or real jobs. But, if we did nothing, the insurance lawyers would argue they tried and my client did not. So, I conducted my own interviews of every employer listed on the forms. Every listed business was real.

While the listed companies were real, none of them had agreed to employ or accommodate my disabled client. None of them knew anything about the claimed interviews. Apparently, the insurance carrier hired someone who simply used the phonebook to list area businesses. Offering vocational testimony at trial based on rehabilitation never provided, alabama vocational rehabilitation plan. This is the most frequent bad use of the phrase vocational rehabilitation.

The insurance carrier has the treating doctor testify as to the expected condition of the worker with a little help from rehabilitation. Then, the insurance carrier does not provide the rehabilitation to achieve that goal. Unfortunately, many plaintiff attorneys do not understand vocational issues.


Alabama vocational rehabilitation plan

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