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Home Depot ultralight aircraft, Jack Harper and his HomeDepot plans built ultralight aircraft kit!

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It is very maneuverable, yet very stable, with excellent takeoff and climb performance using a Volkswagen engine for power. It has easily carried two pound pilots, and has ample range and baggage capacity for cross-country flying. It is a no frills flying machine that will cut initial costs and maintenance.

The airplane provides excellent visibility Featuring a fully welded steel frame combined with an all wood wing and a one piece aluminum landing gear, aircraft kit plans, make it a airplane for today. Landing and taking off in this tail dragger is easy and fun. Ground handling is made easy with a fully controllable tail wheel. Materials subject to "Designer" Changes and Adjustments. Listing given to Wicks Aircraft upon Designers request. Prices subject to change without notice.

The low cost is complemented by an easy to build strong construction method composite. The build time is about hours for a skilled fitter. However, anyone with a desire to do so can build this airplane. The valuable skills that you acquire will last you a lifetime. It is a high performance cross-country type aircraft designed to extract the most speed from the power available.

Airfoil selection and drag reduction were primary considerations. The construction is of wood with foam and fiberglass utilized in the cowling and fairing areas. The prototype and early versions used engines in the horsepower range, but the designer later moved up to an engine of 65 horsepower as standard. The plans provide a four aileron option for those who wish a more responsive roll aircraft kit plans. The Kit is a materials kit, but most of the metal parts are cut from Aluminum Extrusions, making fabrication very fast and inexpensive, aircraft kit plans, with no welding except for the Engine Mount.

It is very easy to build even for the novice or first time builder. Building time can be as low as 12 to 16 months depending on many personal factors. Components may be purchased individually or in kit packages. Options are available to builders who wish to upgrade certain systems such as the hydraulic brake option; or choose alternative systems such as fixed landing gear option. In general little toot rc airplane plans upper fuselage profile shown is based on premolded cowl, forward deck, canopy frame and turtle deck.

Outboard wing sections are removable for tailoring. Listing givent to Wicks Aircraft upon Designers request. Exclusions are listed on the Kit Long Eze Aircraft Kit 19 The LongEZE is specifically developed for efficient, aircraft kit plans, high speed, long range traveling with room for two adults and plenty of baggage.

The Longe-Easy is a small, high performance, high utility homebuilt sport plane. Power plant is either the Lycoming or the Continental.

It has an alternator-powered electrical system and can be equipped with electric engine starter. It is very solid, stable airplant that has responsive ailerons, aircraft kit plans turbulence response, excellent "hands-off" stability and safe stall characteristics, aircraft kit plans. It can be maneuvered sharply, even to full aft stick, without fear of stall or spin. Using all the customer The folding-wing design can fit into a garage, or share a T hangar with your flying buddies, be trailered on local roads, and the wing panels are easily removed for trailering at highway speeds.

The Onex follows the Sonex Aircraft design and engineering tradition in offering a simple, robust, aerobatic aircraft capable of squeezing incredible performance out of lower powered engines.

Osprey Aircraft Kit 33 The Osprey is a two-place amphibian with retractable landing gear. Construction is all wood, being built much like a large model airplane. The wings just outboard of the main gear are removable for towing and home storage.

Side by- side seating provides the hull width necessary for adequate flotation and efficient water performance. The sloping canopy was designed to allow a smooth airflow into the propeller and provide good visibility. The Osprey II was designed to be built, in its entirety, in a home workshop with no molds required other than the engine cowling.

The Osprey was designed by George Pereira. This first flight was successful and displayed the short field capabilities as well as low stall speed - ideal for small airstrips, aircraft kit plans. The drawings for the airplane have full aircraft kit plans wing rib drawings and two types of ailerons - the Friess aileron being a bit more responsive and lighter on aileron control, aircraft kit plans.

The indicated stall speed with aircraft kit plans person on board is approximately 36 mpg. Indicated cruise with the Continental C was a aircraft kit plans over 80 mph. The Pober Junior Ace is open cockpit. The fuselage is chromoly steel tube, the tail group is chromoly steel tube and flat sheet stock to form ribs, aircraft kit plans.

The landing gear is chromoly tube with coil spring shocks. It is the result and influence that the late Ed Heath had on Paul Poberezny when Paul was a high school student with a desire to build and fly airplanes. The Pober Pixie is a truly economical light plane.

Large wings and full span ailerons make the Pixie a joy to fly and provide it with great controllability at low air speeds. This flying fun machine is also easy to handle on the ground for anyone with minimum tail dragger experience.

Pober Super Ace Aircraft Kit 14 The Super Ace is constructed of basic materials, steel tubing for the fuselage, tail group, landing gear, fittings and wing struts.

The wings are spruce spars and the wing ribs aircraft kit plans spruce cap strips, aircraft kit plans. The complete aircraft is covered with the PolyFiber covering materials. The wheels are x6 with hydraulic toe brakes.

The control system is cable operated. It does not have a starter or an electrical system. Wight has pharmaceutical liquid vitamins for adults added to the engine as it does not have a Replica Primary Glider Aircraft Kit 5 Single place glider is made of wood tubing and fabric; landing gear is fuselage skid. Estimated building time man hours. Top speed 45 mph cruise 38 mph, Empty weight lbs.

Skybolt Aircraft Kit 6 A very versatile sport biplane, the Skybolt is a competitive aerobatic mount, yet has enough speed and load carrying ability to make it a aircraft kit plans cross country airplane. This 26 year old tried and proven design is thought by many to be the best looking of all the homebuilt biplanes. Designed for easy construction with hand tools, aircraft kit plans, it can be built by first time builders. A true 2 place design, two lb. Take offs and landings are simple and do require the skill level required for the smaller biplanes.

Control pressures are light and well harmonized. A professional stress analysis was part of the development program. Hundreds are flying in the US and around the world.

Sonex Aircraft Kit 9 Sonex is a basic and economical all metal two place monoplane. Designed to meet the needs of the European and Domestic sport aircraft markets, aircraft kit plans can incorporate various light weight contemporary engines of 80 to hp engine package weight of less than lbs. The three recommended power plants include the cc Volkswagen, Jabiru, and Jabiru. Outstanding performance is achieved through its clean aerodynamic shape and simple, light weight construction.

The Sonex Plans contain many options, including a tailwheel or tricycle landing gear along with a center or dual stick. Motor Mount drawings are supplied for all three recommended power Waiex Aircraft Kit 5 The Waiex offers the same great performance and flight characteristics of the Sonex but with a sporty Y tail, aircraft kit plans.

Simple construction is from a lasercut kit with preformed ribs and pre-welded components using a minimum of tools. Engine 80 hp hp, Empty Weight Using the same cost-effective and easy to- build construction techniques and materials aircraft kit plans the Sonex and Waiex, the Xenos offers another Reality Check for the soaring world, aircraft kit plans.

The Xenos comes standard with utility wing tips that can be easily removed to fit inside a 40 salary decrease after cancer recovery hangar, and can be quickly interchanged with aircraft kit plans aerobatic wingtips.

The Xenos can be flown as a powered aircraft, aircraft kit plans, a selflaunched glider that soars with the engine off, or it can motor-soar over great distances Registered Users Sign In.

Click aircraft kit plans a Product to view details. Acro Sport 1 Aircraft Kit 8 If you dream of piloting your own personal high performance, fully aerobatic biplane, then the Acro Sport is for you. Poberezny, the single-place Acro Sport is based on sound aerodynamic engineering.

Paul had the first time amateur aircraft builder in mind when he designed the Acro Aircraft kit plans. In fact, the Acro Sport is so straight forward and uncomplicated that it has been chosen by hundreds of EAA project School flight programs at high schools around the country. The Acro Sport features a wide landing gear, which provides excellent directional control and docile ground handling. In the air, the Acro Sport is fully aerobatic and suitable for both sportsman aircraft kit plans The airplane utilizes a variety of power plants in the hp to hp range.

Capable of sportsman and intermediate aerobatics, the Acro II is a competitive It has a mile range and typically cruises at over mph on less than 10 gallons per hour. The AeroCanard SB has a smaller body width at the front seats. The plans include instructions for building either aircraft, aircraft kit plans. There are literally thousands of canard aircraft similar to the AeroCanard flying all over world, and thousands more under construction.


Aircraft kit plans