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As of October 3, 10, RV aircraft have been completed and flown! You will sometimes see the numbers of flying RVs on this list rise without a corresponding number of first flight reports from builders. Well, we learn of flying RVs in many different aircraft ball caps. Ideally, a builder will email us with a photo of his or her personal "RV grin".

Sometimes, we find out incidentally; for example, when a customer calls to order new tires, and we wonder why someone who is still building so far as we know would need them.

Or we may discover a first flight announcement on an RV web forum, aircraft ball caps. On other occasions, we learn of a new batch of flying RVs from "RV factories" aircraft ball caps, but without individual details. Click the link below for how to do it.

Submitting First Flight Reports. Click on the small photos to view a larger image. First Flight for RV Date sent: Tuesday, September 25, I started out this project on the wrong foot in the Spring ofafter buy a tail and wing kit from another builder out of FL. Trusting his blogs and thousands of pictures, I thought I was getting change agent strategic plan head start.

After several months of trying to get the seller aircraft ball caps ship my kits, I had to get the police involved. The parts showed up in two crates without any packing what so ever!! Needless to say, aircraft ball caps, almost everything had to be repaired or replaced. It was a huge setback. This was my second RV build, after completing an RV-6 in So, I had the experience and tools.

I was amazed how much easier this kit was to build, having pre-drilled holes. Most of the major components were done in the first two years. My second major mistake was buying my panel way too early. Many thanks to my lovely wife, Laura and my two girls, Samantha and Olivia. I took off on Rwy Takeoff was quick with plenty of power. The electric flaps retracted smoothly and the controls were light and responsive. Exactly what I was expecting from an RV. Mark Swinford Numatx, Inc. First Flight Date sent: Friday, September 21, Stephen reported a lower indicated airspeed than the GPS ground speed, with minimal winds.

The anomaly has been traced to a crack at a plastic pitot line connection. Other than this issue, the plane flew flawlessly. As others have reported, and Vans well knows, it is a fantastic flying plane. I look forward to building up my Phase 1 required flight time, aircraft ball caps, and especially obtaining the Phase 2 FAA approval. Below are some additional details: Mark Swinford Kit type: Thursday, September 20, The build project took just over 6 years, beginning in my living room, moving to my garage and thence to my hangar at Twin Oaks Airpark 7S3 as the pieces became larger.

Empty weight is pounds. Although I was able to accomplish most of the build labor myself, there were times when three or more hands were required, and a long list of friends and acquaintances stepped forward and I thank them aircraft ball caps their help.

Several non-pilot friends are now expert at helping guide the wings into and out of the fuselage without scratching metal! First flight went well. That helped reduce the tension I can tell you. The only significant squawk was the dreaded "heavy wing". RV12 build complete Date sent: Monday, September 17, She aircraft ball caps a sexy little RV12 with all the bells and whistles. Builder RV4 Date sent: Empennage and wing kit purchased in and sold to me fall of I asked a former Reno air race pilot with lots of tailwheel time to do the first flight, Tim Bovee flew for 45 minutes and loved it.

Only issue is oil temperature would not get over degrees. Easy fix to block some airflow to the cooler. Installed HP Lycoming with Sterba wood prop. Looking forward to taking my bird up for the first time. Aircraft ball caps, September 16, aircraft ball caps, Its first flight has been done on September 09, by Klaus-Peter Danielsson.

Monday, September 10, Writing to let you know that I have finally finished my aircraft, RV-7 I also wired the entire aircraft myself, including the IFR avionic harness, and made up the interior apart from covering the top seat cushions.

I spray painted the aircraft in FS desert tan, and the sharks teeth I painted on by hand. Final weight was lbs with full interior, fire extinguisher, luggage net etc.

An absolute blast to fly. Attached are a few photos. Saturday, September 08, She flies straight and level with no bad tendencies, a pleasure to fly. I would like to thank Van for a great aircraft kit that goes together with minimal effort.

All kits were "slow build" constructed. The finished aircraft empty weight is 1, pounds. Friday, September 07, It was a clear and calm winter day in the midwest, aircraft ball caps. A heavy left wing was discovered along with other issues as the expansion of testing continued. As ofit has 41 hours and is signed off for Phase II operation.

It is truly ready for flight and has expanded the RV grin on each and every flight. The RV is truly a fine and nice balanced airplane with no odd characteristics yet discovered. Standard breakers protecting the wiring. It weighed in at lbs of which 66 lbs is on the tail. Be careful out there, grams add up. The original batwing tips have expanded light notches allowing room for installation of Baja Designs led lights.

RV-7, first flight Date sent: Wednesday, September 05, aircraft ball caps, Pic is from the next flight - after I got to relax a little. Performs as advertised and flies hands off. Am a repeat offender and built an RV-8 QB previously. On July 28 at 8: Electrical system is a VPX Sport. My first flight went off with out a problem thanks to my training from Jan Bussell in Florida. Now the hard part coming up with a paint scheme. Thursday, August 30, aircraft ball caps, You may add one more tick to the airborne RV-8 squadron.

Kit flew for the first time this morning at Caboolture airfield in Queensland, Australia. Powered by an AeroSport IO driving a Whirlwind 74" prop, she was airborne in the blink of an eye, aircraft ball caps. The weight came in at pounds, helped by a polished fuselage, and wrapped wings.

My sincere thanks to you all. The project has gone through 2 aircraft ball caps builders, aircraft ball caps, was initially delivered in and its first flight has been done on July 21st, by Marcel Zund after 30 years of project status and work hours. The first flights have been a real joy and have shown superb performance figures so far.

So this is what happens with all those parts you send me does milk allergy change in adults covered in blue Vinyl.

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Aircraft ball caps