Agent Orange and Cancer


Diabetes, Agent Orange, and Your VA Disability Claim

Agent orange diabetes onset

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Vinegar can cause osteoporosis by inhibiting calcium synthesis in the bones. Agent Orange is the name weight loss after 40 women a chemical used during the Vietnam war to kill plants but that also killed people and caused birth defects. Here are all of: Ageusia can also be caused by medicinal side-effects from antirheumatic drugs such as penicillamine, antiproliferative drugs such as cisplatin, ace inhibito.

Infectious diseases generally relate to illnesses caused by germs. Environmental diseases arise from exposures - like mold in the work place, agent orange diabetes onset. Agent orange diabetes onset are docs that specialize in these Shingles, MumpsPneumoniaInfluenzacolds, hepatitismeningitisencephalitisviral hemorrhagic feversagent orange diabetes onset, respiratory tract infectionsurinary tract infectionsgastroenteritisetc.

These are most common and cause chronic peripheral neuropathyagent orange diabetes onset, but also could cause acute weakness and paralysis. No, but lack of, yes: A lack of vitamin d or inability to metabolize it leads to a condition known as ricketssoft weak bones prone to fracture agent orange diabetes onset deformity.

Asp look at these two websites. Complete lack of vitamin a will cause the surface of the eye to dry out. However, eating agent orange diabetes onset carrot a year will prevent this. Bacteria cause many diseases in humans. Most bacterial infections are treated effectively by antibiotics, but antibiotics must be tailored to the specific infection and taken as prescribed in order to help guarantee that the drugs will work.

Hope that this helps. Vit d is necessary for good bone density So lack of sun contributes towards osteopenia or osteoporosis. These bacteria have many different strains and cause many different diseases. See the information on these bacteria at the sites given below. Conclusive at 4 wk: Your marijuana as aid in cancer statement is mistaken: The antibody-only HIV tests always are conclusive by weeks after exposure.

If somehow antibody were delayed, p24 antigen would appear sooner, not later. Agent orangea defoliant used in vietnam is implicated in many disorders including diabetesneuropathyvarious cancers and heart disease. Contact them to start the process. The functional differences may be passed to future generations. The mind institute at uc davis has done animal studies, also. Certainly some other cancers have been linked but as far as i know there is no direct linkage.

On the other hand, herbicides have had an association with lymphoma and myeloma and agent orange is a "super herbicide". It is always hard to show a direct linkage. Agent Orange contains dioxin, a toxic chemical proven to cause many serious illnesses. Muscular dystrophy is something people are born with. The decisions about compensation of veterans are based largely on good and humane public policy rather than real science.

You have my sympathy if you or someone you love has muscular dystrophybut this is not the cause, agent orange diabetes onset. Unsure -here is the: An isolated ulnar neuropathy is generally secondary to cubital tunnel compression at the elbow and is agent orange diabetes onset related to agent orange exposure.

Acute orange exposure is associated with numerous malignancies. DLow, I might need more time to do a more thorough search for you.

So far, I have found more studies associating agent orange with cancer. I found this one: I will keep browsing. I hope this helps. See if you can get a presciption for metanx. It is a medical food supplement. The Institute of Medicine publishes a biennial report on the Agent Orange issue. A good place to go to get background information is here: It was developed in the s and used widely in the ss.

There are many adverse health effects. My understanding is that Agent Orange was first used in So, I would think that German soldier were not impacted by Agent Orange.

There is an excellent review on Agent Orange at: Agent Orange Definition Agent Orange is the name for a chemical used during the Vietnam war to kill plants but that also killed people and caused birth defects. Check on google such as Read more See agent orange diabetes onset more doctor answer. Read more See 2 more doctor answers. People also viewed Talk to a doctor live online for free Heart disease and agent orange Agent orange disease symptoms Diseases related to agent orange Ask a doctor a question free online Does agent orange cause diabetes?

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Agent orange diabetes onset