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African queen model plan

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RC Scale Boating Enjoy rc scale boating? Talk about it here. Has anyone here ever seen or heard african queen model plan any plans for the African Queen save the Billings kit?

I am looking for enough information to build a 72" model. Any leads would be appreciated. Send a private message to Gremlin Castle. Find More Posts by Gremlin Castle. We had a person build and sail one, african queen model plan, steam powered, at our first regatta two years ago. But I am pretty sure it was the Billings Kit. Perhaps you could contact Billings and purchase a plan set directly from them, african queen model plan.

Then rescale them for the larger project. I did get to touch the real African Queen this past Fall, african queen model plan. The boiler that you see in the movie is sitting in the lobby of the Holiday Inn. The boat is currently under some restoration and rebuild so that it will pass the Coast Guard requirements for tours and rides in the bay. I saw a model of it less than a month ago.

What you might try something the guys there pointed me to would be to see what they have at the Mystic Seaport museum -- they collect plans for significant boats -- and I think the African Queen would qualify! Send a private message to Al Stein. Find More Posts by Al Stein. Thanks for the lead on the Mystic Seaport Museum. I hope that someday I will cross paths with someone that is familiar with the German company that made these steam launches.

Any other thoughts or leads would be greatly appreciated. Send a private message to jamescr. Find More Posts by jamescr. Thanks for that tip also. I have to believe that someone at some time has done something larger than the Billings kit.

This thing seems to be a rather elusive project in that everyone has seen or heard of somebody doing one but no one with direct experience has come forth. I may try to contact Billings and see if they would share information as to where they got the information for the hull dimensions and shape.

As always any leads would be appreciated. There was an articale of a scratchbuilt model of the Africa Queen in th October issue of Scale Ship Modeler african queen model plan It can be found online at times an if you can track down the publisher, it is availible on cd-rom, african queen model plan.

This article shows graet details as the boat appeard in the movie, nothing like the Billings kit. The modeler gives measurements also.

African queen model plan edited by Larasworld; at Send a private message to Larasworld. Find More Posts by Larasworld. Kingston Mouldings of England makes a large hull of the African Queen. See my photos for details of the boat and boiler as seen in the movie.

It does not resemble the movie boat as it has had many renovations over the years. I spoke with the people who restored the Queen and who run the tours, and she said the hull is actually 28 feet 11 inchs long.

Remember the 30 foot mentioned in the book was before Forrester purchased the boat. It is not accurate and shows how to build it as it looks today. The boiler is all wrong, african queen model plan. I would build it with electric motor with a dummy boiler like in the movie, perhaps with sound effects and a smoke genrator like model train engines. Look at my Gallery and read the details for info to transform the Billings model. The boiler at the Holiday Inn, looks nothing like the one in the all natural vitamins. It may be the original african queen model plan that was in the Queen at the time Jim bought it, so the brass plate may be misleading, african queen model plan.

The boiler in the film was fake, just a shell. The boat was powered by a diesel engine hidden under the green box near the benches. The exhaust may have been diverted into the engine to make the cylinder move and eventualy piped into the chimney and vented out.

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African queen model plan